Mentor Program/CATL

University and Academic Staff

Campus Connection Program
The goal of the Campus Connection Program is to foster a cooperative network among University and Academic Staff, as well as to cultivate a sense of community on campus. The program benefits new employees by giving them a friendly resource (a “Campus Resource Person”). In return, existing employees have the opportunity to share their experiences and knowledge. The Campus Resource person will introduce himself/herself to the new employee during the first week and make contact periodically during the first six months, which includes offering a tour of the campus and inviting the new employee to a University Staff or Academic Staff Governance Committee meeting.  The Campus Resource Person will also invite the new employee out for an on-campus meal, compliments of Business and Finance, Provost Office, and Chartwells.



Each tenure track faculty member is paired with a mentor from within his or her home unit.  Assignments are coordinated by the Department Chairs and Deans.  These mentors are a valuable resource in many ways—especially for learning the procedures and expectations of the home unit and for feedback during the process of establishing a scholarly program on campus.