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Phoenix Phlash Phorward (Ph)3

Phoenix Phlash Phorward is a FREE summer mathematics program for incoming freshmen.  The goal of the program is for students who placed into Math 094 or Math 099 to improve their mathematical knowledge and understanding to be able to place into a degree credit bearing mathematics course for the Fall semester of their freshmen year.  The program provides students with a faster time to complete their mathematics sequence and their intended program of study.  If you placed into either Math 094 or Math 099, and are going into a STEM/Nursing related field, you should consider this great program!
Online-Only Math MOOC Program Cohort

The Online-Only Cohort is an eight-week self-paced online program.  The program is designed to enhance mathematics skills needed to be successful in college mathematics.  After completing the online content, students will have the opportunity to retake/take the WI Mathematics Placement Test, with the prospect of placing into a higher level mathematics course.
The Summer 2020 Math MOOC will begin on June 29 and run until August 19 with the opportunity to retest/test on the UW-Green Bay campus on Thursday, August 20 at 10:00 am in Mary Ann Cofrin Hall, room TBD.  Students will be notified of their results via email.  (Students will retest/test on this date if they do not attend the On-Campus Program beginning the following week.)
Weeklong On-Campus Program Cohort

The Weeklong On-Campus Program requires enrollment in the eight-week online MOOC program, but in addition, students will move into their residence halls on Monday, August 24 and participate in a weeklong program on campus.  These students will retake/take the WI Mathematics Placement Test on Friday, August 28, with the prospect of placing into a higher-level mathematics course.  Students will then meet with academic advisors to adjust their schedules for any changes. 
Benefits of Phoenix Phlash Phorward:
  • Savings of more than $900 in tuition
  • Increased success in college level math courses
  • Faster completion of your math sequence
  • Individualized summer program designed to meet your math needs
  • The ability to move to campus early, before the other students

To enroll in the Online Math MOOC Program, please visit: Math MOOC Program Registration
Deadline is June 25.  Correspondence will be through UW-Green Bay faculty.  Enrollment is unlimited.

To enroll in the Weeklong On-Campus Program which includes moving to campus one week early, please visit: Phoenix Phlash Phorward On-Campus Registration
You must enroll and take part in the Online Math MOOC Program if you wish to do the Weeklong On-Campus Program.  Deadline is June 25.  Students will be notified via their UW-Green Bay email by June 26 if they have been accepted.  See the schedule for the On-Campus program from August 24-28.  Register now; space it limited to the first 50 participants!

If you wish to enroll in both programs, you must enroll at EACH of the links above.

If you have any questions, please contact Pam Gilson at or  920-465-2221