Matt BeckerBoth alumni and current students have worked for the Packers. Alumni such as Wayne Wichlacz, director of information technology, and Dana Kressig, the team’s corporate sales executive, have found hometown careers. Packers photographer Matt Becker (pictured) says he still has moments when he can’t believe he has a front-row seat to one of the most historic franchises in the NFL.

Lambeau Field concessions, offers part-time jobs to UW-Green Bay students interested in earning their way through college. PMI Entertainment Group hires people for cleaning, staffing the parking lot, and serving as ushers on game days. The Packers Pro Shop, Hall of Fame, and Stadium Tours have seasonal and part-time jobs during the summer and fall rush. The student employment office on campus also fields occasional calls from businesses offering brand-ambassador work (giveaways, promotions) at or near the stadium on game days. In addition, national TV networks sometimes employ UW-Green Bay media students to supplement their on-field staff.