Faculty and Student Sing the National Anthem at Lambeau Field  — UWGB quartet (featuring faculty members Randy Meder, Courtney Sherman, and Sarah Meredith and student Nick Schommer) performing National Anthem at Green Bay Packers 2015 Annual Meeting of Shareholders.
Super fans — Packers fever sweeps Wisconsin whenever football season rolls around, this year is no different. UW-Green Bay had a training camp to get ready for its season — the 2014-15 school year.

Summer Campers Perform at Lambeau Field  — 2014 High School Band, Orchestra and Choral campers, led by Courtney Sherman and Randall Meder, sing the National Anthem at the 2014 Packers Shareholders Meeting.

The video “Teach Me How to Raji" — in which students, staff and faculty across campus spontaneously mimicked lineman B.J. Raji’s memorable touchdown dance — went viral and even made ESPN SportsCenter.