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Continuing to Learn  

Classes are taught in a variety of modalities. Check SIS to see the format for your classes. To see more about this, visit Learning Options. The following precautions will be taken to insure in-person classroom safety:

Classroom Safety

  • All face-to-face instruction of students must occur in classrooms which account for not less than 35 square feet per person participating in the class;
  • Classroom capacities will reflect a maximum limit of 51 individuals (including the instructor) with 6 foot of physical distancing per individual
  • Instructors and students will be required to wear face masks/coverings within University buildings, as entering University buildings and in University sponsored transportation
  • Facilities will place dots on the desks to indicate where students should sit
  • Instructors will develop seating charts for their classes and take attendance to assist with contact tracing
  • Hand sanitizing stations will be located at the main entries to buildings and should be used freely
  • Each floor of academic buildings will have cleaning wipes and hand sanitizer available
  • Incoming instructors should plan to clean touch points (computers, clickers, etc.) prior to the beginning of each class
  • Incoming students should wipe down their space before class starts
  • Instructors will be provisioned with individual markers, erasers and other necessary instruction materials and common materials should not be used;
  • Classrooms will be cleaned and sanitized at least once per day. Specialized art and lab courses will develop cleaning protocols for how equipment will be cleaned between uses.
  • Students would be encouraged to use the virtual office hour platform or scheduled physically distanced meeting,
  • For courses where appropriate physical distancing cannot be achieved (Labs/Studios), specific plans, approved by the Health, Safety and Risk Group, should be established to ensure safety of participants. The instructor or other academic staff will be responsible for the cleaning of tools and equipment between sessions;
  • Course schedules should accommodate the additional time necessary for student and faculty to maintain physical distance requirements during ingress and egress between classrooms and buildings;
  • In the event that someone in the class tests positive, individuals who have been determined at risk of exposure will be notified by a designee of the County Health Department and provided further instruction. With the classroom requirements including face covering, physical distancing and routine cleaning, the risk of infection should be substantially mitigated. Only those who have been determined to be at risk of infection based on exposure would be required to isolate as instructed.

Masking/Face Coverings

In response to COVID-19, and in alignment with the Face Coverings: Chancellor Interim Order, the Center for Disease Control and Prevention guidelines, and the established requirements of the Board of Regents of the University of Wisconsin System; face coverings are required at all times while on campus. This includes the classroom, laboratory, studio, creative space, entering buidlings, University-sponsored transportation or any type of in-person instructional activity, and public spaces.

Students that cannot wear a face covering due to a medical condition or disability, or who are unable to remove a mask without assistance may seek an accommodation through Disabilities Services.

If a person arrives at a classroom without a mask, they will be provided a disposable mask.

If a reminder is not sufficient, it is recommended that instructors take a brief break from classroom instruction to allow the situation to cool down. The Dean of Students will handle the reporting of non-compliant students.

Face shields are not an acceptable replacement for masks since they do not provide adequate protection.

Students may pick up up to two free masks from the University Ticketing and Information Center.Residential students have the option of laundering a mask provided to them by Residence Life by picking and dropping off masks at the Community Center.

Social Distancing

Instructors cherish their interactions with students. As citizens in these peculiar times we must acknowledge that face coverings are not a substitute for social distancing. Students shall observe current social distancing guidelines where possible in accordance while in the classroom, laboratory, studio, creative space (hereafter referred to as instructional space) setting and in public spaces. Students should avoid congregating around instructional space entrances before or after class sessions. If the instructional space has designated entrance and exit doors students are required to use them. Students should exit the instructional space immediately after the end of instruction to help ensure social distancing and allow for the persons attending the next scheduled class session to enter.


In accordance with UWS 17 and UWS 21 Wis.Admin.Code a student may be subject to disciplinary sanctions for failure to comply with policy, including this syllabus, for failure to comply with the directions of a University Official, for disruptive behavior in the classroom, or any other prohibited action. This prohibited behavior includes but not limited to failure to follow course, laboratory, or safety rules, or endangering the health of others. A student may be dropped from class at any time for misconduct or disruptive behavior in the classroom upon recommendation of the instructor and subject to the procedure established in UWS 17. A student may also receive disciplinary sanctions through the Dean of Students Office for misconduct or disruptive behavior, including endangering the health of others, in the classroom.