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About the Phoenix Forward Plan

Safety Practices

All operational practices included in the Phoenix Forward Plan website are designed to safely fulfill the University’s teaching, learning and student success mission. The University will continue to provide these services as long as the local public health conditions in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic permit.

The following practices will be implemented across all UW-Green Bay campuses and represent requirements in all buildings to minimize the risk of outbreak of COVID-19 within any building or on any campus.
  • Physical distancing of greater than six feet at all times possible
  • All employees will be required to complete a daily self-assessment before coming to work. Any student, employee or visitor should not be present on campus if they have any COVID-19 symptoms.
  • Main entry points of all campus buildings will be equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers prior to full resumption of face-to-face classes.
  • All persons on campus will be required to wear a cotton or standard surgical mask when in public settings.
  • All operational areas will be provisioned hand sanitizer and cleaning wipes for cleaning of touch points before and after use.
  • Individual classrooms will be equipped with cleaning wipes for use prior to class.
  • Facilities Management will implement enhanced cleaning of public restrooms and other high traffic areas on a daily basis.

Operational Principles

The Chancellor’s Cabinet is the decision-making authority regarding operations and has established procedures for operational areas to modify, restrict, postpone or cancel on-campus activities related to a COVID-19 outbreak.

The University has established thresholds based on local conditions that would require institutional action. Upon reaching such thresholds under the following data points, the University will move to alternative delivery of most services:
  • Reporting and recording incidents and prevalence in University and in Community
  • The availability of all necessary PPE and cleaning supplies for disbursement to operational areas and classrooms;
  • Hospital and other response stress in areas of campus
  • Community testing and tracing capacity and availability of resources
  • Quarantine and isolation capacity on campus and in the community
  • Changes in Federal, State and Local recommendations and restrictions
In the event that a determination is made to implement alternative delivery for all courses, the University is committed to maintaining access to the Kress Events Center, University Union, Library, use of Residence Life and other student services so long as local health conditions permit any campus service to be used.

Adherence to Local and State Guidance

UW-Green Bay will adhere to the directives of the applicable health department for all four campuses. In all cases, the more restrictive of all applicable public health orders associated with a location supersede the guidelines provided here. If the public health orders in a specific location are more restrictive than the University’s campus guidelines, the public health orders will prevail. If campus guidelines are more restrictive than public health orders in a location, campus guidelines shall prevail. The ultimate internal authority regarding implementation of this plan will rest with the Chancellor.

The University is working with the Brown County, Manitowoc, Marinette, and Sheboygan Health Departments to establish protocols for mitigation and containment in the event of an increase in community infection or campus exposures to an infected person or people. In addition, these subject matter experts will continue to be consulted on necessary actions for containment of any area which may be exposed to COVID-19 infection and the determination of what standards will be used to activate the containment protocol.

The guidelines that are included in this document are applicable to all individuals (students, faculty, staff, contractors, visitors, alumni, parents, etc.) in the UW-Green Bay community regardless of their location. However, the local public health requirements of your jurisdiction may prevail over these guidelines.
Included UW-Green Bay Sites in this Plan
  • Green Bay Campus (Brown County)
  • Manitowoc Campus (Manitowoc County)
  • Marinette Campus (Marinette County)
  • Sheboygan Campus (Sheboygan County)

Plan Resources and References

The UW-Green Bay Health and Safety Risk Group has reviewed and implemented the following resources in the development of this plan.