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COVID-19 Material Requests

Under the CARES Act, the University has available funding to provide COVID-19 Safety Resources to operational areas to facilitate functioning while protecting both employees and members of the University Community. This protocol addresses how these centrally funded items will be provisioned, procured and requested by the operational areas. This protocol also addresses the initial distribution and subsequent distribution process of these items.

Applicable Items

Consumable Items:
The following items will be available to operational areas through the below described process to be used to protect employees and members of the public from COVID-19 infection and exposure.
  • Disposable gloves
  • Hand Sanitizer (1 oz. to 30 oz.)
  • Spray Sanitizer and Towels
  • Alcohol Wipes
  • Disposable Face Masks
  • Cloth Face Masks for employees only
Durable Items:
The following items will be provided based on an assessment of operational area need by Facilities Management and Environmental Health and Safety. Operational areas can make requests beyond the initial allocation based on modification of function.
  • Plexiglass or other barriers
  • Durable cleaning equipment
  • Electrostatic Sprayers
  • Sanitation Stations
  • Floor Marking
  • Thermometers
  • Signage

Non-applicable Items

  • License and software needed for providing virtual programing
  • Operation-specific equipment not related to sanitation
  • Discretionary modifications to office space or operations
  • Equipment or resources which do not directly protect individuals from infection or exposure to the COVID-19 virus
Operational areas are responsible for the procurement of any items which are not applicable under this process, and must adhere to UWSA Procurement and IT Policy prior to making these purchases.

Initial Distribution and Installation of Durable Items

  • Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety will determine the need in an operational area for the installation of protective devices, floor markings, sanitation stations and signage
  • Facilities and Environmental Health and Safety will make determinations and install sanitation stations at applicable entrances and within operational areas if deemed necessary.
  • For purposes of this procedure, the Kress Events Center, Union and Residence Life are permitted to make their own determinations as to the need for these items.
Purchasing shall make necessary requests and procurements of both consumable and non- consumable items to ensure a surplus of these items for emergency disbursement if necessary.


Consumable Items Request procedure
  • Deans/Division Leaders in discussion with their operational areas shall request the distribution of additional resources through the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) Request.
    • No area should make more than one request per week
    • All requests must be received no later than 4:30 p.m. on Tuesday;
  • Purchasing, Environmental Health and Safety and Facilities shall review the requests and determine the appropriate purchase. Approved requests shall be processed by Purchasing and procured through centralized funding through October 31, 2021.
  • Once the order is received, Purchasing will provide notice to the operational area contact and they will be able to obtain the order in the Mail Room between 7:45 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Thursdays.
Durable Items Request
Installed items in office space:
  • If an area wishes to have modifications made to the installation of these items or is requesting additional items, area leaders should contact Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) who will perform a review of the operating area.
  • EHS will then forward the recommendation for modification/addition to Facilities.
  • Facilities will work with the operating area to install the modifications or equipment.
  • Requests for Durable Cleaning Equipment must be made to EHS at who will review requests in conjunction with Facilities Management and determine appropriateness.
  • If approved, EHS will collaborate with Facilities and the requesting unit to determine the need for the equipment, the ability to share the resource with other areas on campus and any additional training which may be necessary before purchasing the equipment.