COVID-19: See our Phoenix Forward page

Faculty & Staff

Our world has changed dramatically over the past few months. We all want the same thing: to teach and work on campus in the safest manner possible. The global COVID-19 pandemic remains an acute threat, and is one that UW-Green Bay leadership is taking very seriously. Every effort is being made to develop and refine processes and protocols that will safeguard you while you are on campus this fall.

Much will be different as you return to teaching and work. The content of this website includes our Phoenix Forward Return to Campus Plan. It was built upon the July 1, 2020 Phoenix Forward Return to Campus Guide and has been updated to address classroom guidelines, information about the new Office of COVID-19 Response, guidelines for campus events and more.

This website will highlight what faculty and staff can expect when you return to teaching and working, the steps we are taking to keep our campus community safe and the steps we need you to take as part of the Phoenix family.

As you return to campus:

  • Review the Phoenix Forward Return to Campus Plan website to understand how we’ll be operating this fall and what we need you to do to stay safe
  • Complete the COVID-19 Training
  • Check your UW-Green Bay email and this website frequently to keep current with changes and updates to this plan as conditions change
  • If you are faculty or instructional staff, read Return to Classroom Expectations