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Staffing Options

There are several options departments should consider in order to maintain required social distancing measures and reduce population density within buildings and workspaces, while also responding to work responsibilities and the need for strong customer service:
Remote Work
Those who can work remotely to fulfill some, or all, of their work responsibilities may continue to do so to reduce the number of individuals on campus and the potential spread of the COVID-19 virus. These arrangements, which must continue to be approved by the immediate supervisor, may occur on a full or partial day/week schedule as appropriate. While the University will continue to permit employees to work remotely so long as they are able to perform their assigned functions, employees may be requested to return to the campus to perform work. The supervisor and employee shall discuss specific safety protocols and procedures and make all efforts to resolve the employees concerns regarding return to work. If after this discussion the employee still does not feel safe in returning to work, the employee and supervisor can discuss additional duties that may be assigned to permit the employee to continue working remotely, so long as such adjustments are consistent with the staffing needs of the operational areas. If the supervisor and employee cannot resolve the matter the supervisor should contact Human Resources to work with the employee and supervisor for a resolution.
Alternating Days
In order to limit the number of individuals and interactions among those on campus, departments may schedule partial, on-site staffing on alternating days. Such schedules will help enable physical distancing, especially in areas with large common workspaces.
Staggered Reporting/Departing
The beginning and end of the workday typically bring many people together at common entry/exit points of buildings. Departments may consider staggered reporting and departure times in order to reduce traffic in common areas.