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Supervisor Guidance

The health and safety of our employees and students is of utmost importance as we engage as a campus community in activities this academic year. The University has established these supervisor guidelines to support employee engagement in a safe campus environment. 

Supervisor Guidance for COVID-19 Case Report

If an employee reports to you that they have been exposed-close contact to an individual with a confirmed infection, are experiencing symptoms, or have themselves tested positive for infection of COVID-19, they should follow guidance as outlined on the Reporting Faculty & Staff website and the Fall 2021 Standard Operating Procedures and COVID-19 Protocol Matrix. The supervisor should then complete the COVID-19 Case Report based on the information provided from the employee.
If an employee simply indicates they are not feeling well without a specific reference to COVID-19, supervisors may not require the employee to disclose any medical information. In that event, no COVID-19 Case Report is necessary.

If an employee is infected, suspected, or exposed-close contact to COVID-19 and is required to isolate or quarantine but is unable to work due to either their inability to perform their essential job functions remotely or because they are experiencing symptoms that prohibit them from being able to work, they will need to account for their time off through sick, vacation and/or personal holiday. Should an employee be absent for more than five days in a row for medical reasons, they should contact Human Resources to discuss their need for continued time away from work.