COVID-19: See our Phoenix Forward page

Campus Events

Though we cannot gather like we have in the past, rest assured that we are being inventive in finding ways to provide you with opportunities to engage with fellow students and unwind from your academic course work. For the first time ever, our programming includes online and virtual experiences that can engage even more students who live off campus and take courses online. It is truly exciting to expand our campus community and be inclusive in a way not possible before. Campus can now come to you, wherever you are and regardless of your learning mode.

Planning Campus Events

At this time, many events, and especially large gatherings, are not possible due to social distancing guidelines. The University recognizes that events enrich both the student life and overall educational experience and is committed to balancing events and the need to gather with the safety of the greater campus community.

New guidelines are in place to assist with event planning and execution and apply to all University owned facilities and spaces. The guidelines put in place a review process for high and moderate risk events and the development of a Facility Action and Safety Plan to execute a safe event.