COVID-19: See our Phoenix Forward page

Safely Living on Campus

Students living on campus are part of a special community. The pandemic has made it necessary to alter many of our community standards to follow health guidelines and keep each other safe. All students living in campus housing will be expected to abide by these guidelines, which have been designed to support a healthy living environment.

Keeping our community safe must be taken seriously. Residents who fail to cooperate with these community standards may be subject to disciplinary action up to and including termination of their housing contract and/or suspension from the university. Every reasonable effort will be made to gain voluntary cooperation from a student before engaging in the formal disciplinary process.

At this time, residents who are not fully-vaccinated against Covid-19 will be asked to appropriately wear a face covering that completely covers one’s mouth and nose when in housing common areas (lounges, hallways, etc.). Frequent hand washing and physical distancing is also strongly encouraged to minimize spread. Hand sanitization stations can be located at the main entry point of each residential building.

3 W’s + Monitoring for Campus Residents: Your Daily Housing Checklist

Physical distance of at least six feet from other people (about two arms’-lengths) in common areas (lounges, laundry rooms, etc.) can help minimize the risk of transmition of COVID-19.

Campus residents and guests will be expected to wear face coverings in the residence halls and apartment buildings except for when in the privacy of their room/apartment.

Residents will be expected to maintain a basic level of cleanliness in their rooms/apts. Proper and frequent handwashing is expected. Sanitizing stations will be placed at various entry/exit points throughout housing, and residents are encouraged to utilize this option when leaving or returning to their campus residence.

All students are required to self-monitor for the onset of symptoms daily. Do not leave your residence if the possibility of infection exists.

Cleaning and Disinfecting

  • Housing residents are expected to clean and disinfect their personal living spaces and bathrooms on a regular basis.
  • Residents are encouraged to bring additional cleaning supplies to keep their personal spaces clean. Consider bringing your own disinfecting wipes.
  • Common areas will be cleaned daily


All housing communities will continue to be fully staffed with the following team members:
  • Residential Education Coordinators: These live-in professionals supervise the student staff within a building complex. They are here to assist you in your transition to college providing academic, social, wellness, and personal development support.
  • Community Advisors: These senior-level student staff live in your housing communities and assist the Area Coordinators with day-to-day operations, community development and staff supervision.
  • Resident Assistants: Your RA is your go-to person for all concerns on your floor/wing. Whether you want to get more involved, are in the middle of a roommate conflict or are simply wanting a person to talk to, your RA is ready to assist you.

Visitation Guidelines: Residence Halls and Apartments

When planning to host a guest in your room/apartment, please follow these guidelines at all times:
  • Before inviting a guest to your room/apartment, confirm with all other roommates to ensure they are comfortable with the guest’s presence. If they are not, respect their request for the health and safety of themselves and others.
  • Guests should be expected to wear a face covering that completely covers one’s mouth and nose for the entirety of their visit.
  • Residents are encouraged to utilize communal lounges and outside space for gatherings with resident or non-resident guests.