Facilitating Adaptive Management of non-native Phragmites australis in Wisconsin

This research project, begun in 2017, consists of collecting and mapping data about the invasive grass, Phragmites australis, and treatment effects as well as promoting an adaptive management strategy for the benefit of those attempting to control it.

On this website, you will find an overview of our online clearinghouse of data about Phragmites treatments across northeast Wisconsin. The bulk of the data on this project is on our on-line storymap that will allow you to see data and progress on a geographic scale. 

Project Objectives

Objective 1

Click here to learn more about how we are developing a protocol for undertaking and assessing Phragmites treatments 
The Protocol

Objective 2

Click here to learn more about our experimental approach to Phragmites control
The Experiment

Objective 3

Click here to learn about how our research of the soil microbial communities at Phragmites treatment sites will contribute to our understanding of how Phragmites affects the wetland ecosystem
Soil Research