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Phuture Phoenix Virtual Tutoring



This program will provide individualized homework help, social interaction and motivational support for your 5th - 8th grade student.  This program is designed to support only elementary and middle school students.  UWGB tutors are not equipped to TEACH new material or support high school and/or college students, but can review, trouble shoot and help with study skills. The main focus of the class is to learn the importance of strong relationships in education.  Tutors will do activities designed to promote dialog and discussions, in addition to homework help. UWGB tutors are expected to provide 30 hours of service over the course of the semester.  This equates to two 45 minutes to 1-hour sessions per week.  Tutors write reflective notes on each session that are shared with the instructor.

About the Program

This program is staffed by introductory teacher education students enrolled at UWGB in EDUC 208 Concepts, Issues and Field Placement in Education. This class is an introduction to the field of education and focuses on the importance of building strong relationships and trust.  Through this virtual tutoring program we seek to provide academic, social and motivational support for 5th - 8th grade students impacted by distance education. This program is an opportunity for UWGB students to support the education of young people in our community.


Please use the application button on this page to register your student for tutoring. UWGB is searching for at least 60 students to tutor.  Matches will be completed on a first register, first matched basis. Any applications submitted after matches are complete will be placed on a waiting list.


Families must have an operating device (computer, tablet, phone) with reliable internet access to participate in the virtual tutoring program. 
Tutors will require two platforms for tutoring (Skype, Zoom, Google, etc.) -One to use and one for backup.
Students must attend their assigned sessions with tutors.  If a student misses two sessions without notification, they will be dropped from the program and the next family on the waiting list will be served. A parent or guardian must attend the first session with the tutors and complete an evaluation at the end of the university semester.


The university semester begins on Sept. 2.  Tutors must be trained prior to tutoring, so tutoring matches will meet beginning on Sept.28.  The university semester ends on Dec. 11; however, tutors may continue tutoring if both parties agree.


All Phuture Phoenix tutors are background checked.  They also complete Mandated Reporter training. Tutors will work in pairs to ensure there is no one-on-one interaction between tutors and minors.  Parents are expected to attend the first session to meet tutors and are encouraged to be in the home while the sessions take place. Parents are asked to report any unprofessional behavior of tutors to the program director.


Tutors will be evaluated by the instructor.  Parents will be asked to complete a program evaluation at the end of the semester.