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Phuture Phoenix


"The best part of spending the day at UW-GB for Phuture Phoenix is that our students are immersed in the culture of a college campus. When we get back to school that day they are so excited to talk about their experiences, and every single one of them plans to go to college!"

Susan Lutz
5th Grade Teacher Westwood Elementary School

"I believe this to be a positive life altering experience for my 5th graders. It is a real eye opener for them to find out what college is all about and that it can be obtainable for them in the future. College student role models coming into our school throughout the school year offers support and encouragement to our students to come to school and do their best."

Mary Jo Johnson
5th Grade Teacher Oneida Elementary School

"Prior to the field trip, many of my students said their favorite subjects were physical education, recess and lunch. After the field trip, many of my kids said with excitement that they wanted to study science in college. Phuture Phoenix is definitely a worth-while program."

UW-Green Bay College Role-Model

“When you see the faces of these students light up when their grades improve and they now ‘get it’ because of the time they spent with the Phuture Phoenix mentors, it is truly inspiring.”

Jennifer Schenk
School Counselor, Edison Middle School

"The Phuture Phoenix program is one of the most amazing and inspirational programs I have ever been a part of. I wish more organizations were made to help students get the courage and mindset that they can do anything they want to do. It also made it 100% more clear to me that this is what I want to do. I want to become an elementary school teacher."

UW-Green Bay College Role-Model

"I have always remembered the excitement and pride I felt attending my hometown’s local university. From the free t-shirts to the campus tour, I never forgot my very first taste of UW-Green Bay. I am the youngest sibling of three boys, and I am also the first to attend college. My two older brothers did not set a good example for me by dropping out of high school, but in fifth grade, a seed of hope was implanted in me. I began to realize that I did not have to follow in the footsteps of my brothers. Dreams of college, opportunities, and prosperity pervaded my thoughts and inspired to strive in life. I come from a broken, working-class family in which low standards were set for me. Many children who come from privileged backgrounds do not realize how good they have it and should be more appreciative of their parents’ efforts in bringing them up in prosperous homes. Coming from humble beginnings where doubters and quitters surrounded me only motivated me. That first little taste of UW-Green Bay left me hungering for more. UW-Green Bay’s Phuture Phoenix program was the first stepping stone in triggering many of my dreams and goals. I am a young dreamer inspired by entrepreneurship. I do not want to just make money; I want to make a difference. I have grown into something special, and it all began when a special seed was planted in me during a fifth grade field trip."

UW-Green Bay Scholarship Student