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Phuture Phoenix

Field Trip Participation for Role Models

If you are interested in participating in the 5th grade field trip, you must attend one of the following trainings:

Training Dates

Phuture Phoenix Day: Tuesday, October 13

 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.


Choose any training date/time that fits your schedule: (only need to attend one of them)

Wednesday, Sept 23, 10 -11 am in WH 302

Thursday, Sept 24, 11 am - Noon in WH 302

Friday, Sept 25, Noon - 1- 2 pm in WH 302

Tuesday, Sept 29, 6 - 7 pm in WH 302

Thursday, Oct 1, 9 - 10 am in WH 302

***Must attend only 1 training***


At the trainings you will learn  more about the Phuture Phoenix program, how you can receive credit for your participation, and have questions answered. Attending the training does not automatically commit you. Come and find out more!

At the beginning of each spring semester, students can enroll in the EDUC 295 Community Service course. Click here to learn more about elective credits.

If you have any questions, contact Zachary Taylor at