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Phuture Phoenix


As a Phuture Phoenix role model you will have several responsibilities:

  Spring Semester:

  • Enroll in EDUC 295, Section 6
  • mentor/tutor in local middle school or high school
  • be a positive role model

Fall Semester:

  • attend one of our training sessions regarding the field trip experience
  • visit assigned elementary school before and after the field trip day
  • be a “tour guide” for a day
  • make at least 3 contacts with your assigned students
  • be a positive role model to 5th graders

Staying in contact with your students

You are partnered with another UWGB student and as a team you can contact your students. Contacts include cards, emails, letters and visits to the school. No matter what you say, you will make their day! Ask them how school is going and tell them about your experiences. Ask them about hobbies and share some information about yourself. You don't have to disclose personal information. Just let them know you care!

If you are stuck, here an example: