Recording Space

Want to set up a time to record in MAC 137 B? Here's what you need:
  • An SD Card
  • An appointment on the MAC 137 B Outlook calendar
Here's how to reserve MAC 137 B:
After you reserve MAC 137 B, you'll be notified that your reservation was accepted, marked tentative, or declined. 
  • Accepted means you can come meet a Client Services staff person in IS 1010, and they'll walk you down to the room and let you in with a key.
  • Tentative means that we're checking to see if we have staff available to accommodate your request; eventually your reservation will be accepted or declined.
  • Declined means that we cannot accommodate the request, but we'll reach out about rescheduling when we send this notification.
What equipment is usually in MAC 137 B?
  • Mixer
  • 3 microphones + table stands + cables
  • 3 chairs
  • A PC workstation
  • A table