Degree Requirements

Political Science involves the systematic study of political processes and governmental institutions. This includes the cultural, social, economic, and ideological contexts of political systems which affect their operation; the history of political ideas and their relevance to understanding political issues; and the major methods of inquiry and analysis used in the study of government, politics, political behavior, and public policy.
The program offers courses in all areas of the discipline—American politics and policy, comparative politics, international relations, and political theory—with an especially strong array of courses in public policy and administration.

The Political Science program at UW-Green Bay complements a variety of interdisciplinary and professional program majors and minors, especially those in the social sciences and in administration: Environmental Policy and Planning, Public Administration, Social Change and Development, Urban and Regional Studies, and Business Administration.

Political Science is especially useful for students planning careers in journalism, law, public administration, planning, education, and business. For those interested in how a major in the discipline relates to various careers, consult Careers and the Study of Political Science, available in the program office. Stop by during office hours or make an appointment for another time.


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