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We list selected course syllabi here to provide a fuller description than possible in the catalog of topics, readings, and assignments within Political Science courses. To see the current syllabus for any course, contact the instructor. Courses that are accepted for credit toward the Political Science major are also listed under affiliated programs such as Public and Environmental Affairs, Social Change and Development, and Urban and Regional Studies.

Political Science Courses

Pol Sci 100 Global Politics and Society (Blaney)
Pol Sci 100 Global Politics and Society (Levintova)
Pol Sci 101 American Government and Politics (Scheberle)
Pol Sci 202 Introduction to Public Policy (Warner)
Pol Sci 301 Environmental Politics and Policy
Pol Sci 305 Urban Politics and Policy
Pol Sci 306 Regulatory Policy and Administration
Pol Sci 310 The American Presidency
Pol Sci 312 Community Politics
Pol Sci 316 Congress: Politics and Policy
Pol Sci 318 Political Behavior
Pol Sci 320 Constitutional Law
Pol Sci 340 Political Theory
Pol Sci 349 American Political Thought
Pol Sci 351 Comparative Politics
Pol Sci 353 Politics of Developing Areas
Pol Sci 360 International Relations
Pol Sci 370 Foreign and Defense Policies
Pol Sci 406 State and Local Government
Pol Sci 408 Public Policy Analysis

Public and Environmental Affairs Courses:

Pu En Af 378 Environmental Law
Pu En Af 406 State and Local Government

Social Change and Development Courses:

SOC SD 325 Law and Society