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College of Professional Studies

About Us

The College of Professional Studies is one of two academic divisions of the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, the other being the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences. It has five academic programs and two community support partnerships. Each program stresses the importance of connecting and collaborating with the community we serve. Students have the opportunity to learn and connect on campus, on-line, or by both means. The programs and partnerships offered by the College of Professional Studies are highly regarded in the region. Graduates from any of the programs can be assured by high placement rates and the connections they have made here at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

What academic programs are in the College of Professional Studies?

  • The Austin E. Cofrin School of Business offers majors in Business Administration and Accounting. The Business major has emphases in Finance, General Business, Human Resources, Management, and Marketing, in addition to a Master of Science in Management. Students may also pursue a minor in Business Administration or International Business.
  • The Professional Program in Education offers specialization options ranging from teaching Early Childhood to Adolescence. Each member of the program will complete student teaching where they will have hands-on learning on how to be an effective leader in the classroom.
  • The Professional Program in Nursing provides an on-line learning environment where Registered Nurses can earn their Bachelor of Science in Nursing, and where Registered Nurses who currently hold a BSN can earn their Masters of Science in Nursing Leadership and Management in Health Care Systems.
  • The Professional Programs in Social Work offers both a Bachelor's degree in Social Work and a Masters of Social Work. Students will also complete field experience for the highest level of learning before they graduate.
  • Physical Education offers courses in Karate, Scuba, Tennis, and more which may count towards a bachelor's degree. This department also provides a certificate in Coaching.

What do the Community Partnership programs in the College of Professional Studies offer?

  • The NEW Partnership for Children and Families provides professional training for public child welfare professionals in 26 counties, tribal child welfare workers for 11 Wisconsin tribes, and for professionals working in behavioral health fields.
  • The Institute for Learning Partnership works with the Education department to offer professional development for area K-12 educators for a license renewal program, standards certification program and an annual professional conference. They also coordinate the Phuture Phoenix program which supports the educational aspirations for area 5th graders from Title I schools, and support the NIA African American Dance Troupe which helps promote diversity in the community and schools.
  • Education's Center for First Nations Studies is a resource dedicated to improving and supporting First Nations (American Indian) education and teacher education programs. The goal is to help educators with teaching youth about the history, culture, sovereignty, and contemporary status of First Nations in Wisconsin.

What is the role of the Dean's office in the College of Professional Studies?

The Dean of the College of Professional Studies serves as the leader and primary administrator for the academic and operational aspects of the units and programs within the College. The role of her and her staff is to provide the necessary support, resources, and guidance to ensure the success of the students, faculty and staff involved in the programs, and to move the College forward.

The Dean's office suite is located in Rose Hall 305. Students, faculty, and staff are encouraged to share your questions, thoughts, experiences, and ideas with the Dean and her staff.