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Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic AffairsOffice of the Provost

2013-14 Budget Request Narrative

2013-2014 Operating Plan and Budget Request Narrative

Division Heads should electronically submit their draft Operating Plan and Budget Request Narrative to the Provost (c/o Dan McCollum) no later than Monday, November 5.  Final Operating Plan and Budget Request Narratives are due January 4.

Overview/Executive Summary

This section should provide a brief (1 page) overview of your division’s proposed Operating Plan and Budget Request for 2013-2014. 

Strategic Goals, Strategies and Initiatives for 2013-2014

Providea description ofyour division’s strategic initiatives and major goals/objectives for 2013-2014 in this section.   

Continuing Allocation

This section should include a description of how you propose to use your continung budget allocation to support the strategic initiatives and associated goals/objectives established for 2013-2014.  This narrative should include the following sections. 

  1. 2013-2014 Budget Request Summary
    Provide a succinct description of how you propose to use your continuing allocation of GPR, Auxiliary and other funds to support your division’s strategic initiatives and goals/objectives in 2013-2014.  A single table should be included that summarizes total salary and S&E allocations for each Department (UDDS) in your division.
  2. Proposed Changes from 2012-2013
    Provide a description, and complete the appropriate chart, for of all proposed organizational changes, personnel changes, and reallocations being proposed within your division.
    • Organizational Changes – complete Chart A, provide a description and brief rationale for requesting the creation, elimination or change in names of departments, programs, institutes, etc. in your division.  
    • Personnel Changes – complete charts B-1, B-2, B-3 and C and provide a listing and brief rationale for any requested personnel changes involving current employees (i.e., promotions, changes in time, base salary adjustments, reclassifications & new titles, DCAs) and, if applicable, any sabbaticals that have been awarded within your division. 
    • Reorganizations/Reallocations – complete charts D, E, F and G and describe any reorganizations/reallocations being proposed for 2010-2011.  This should include changes in departmental responsibilities and/or the movement of positions and other resources across departments within your division.  If applicable, include specific information regarding FTE and salary dollar reallocations.
    • Fee Changes – complete chart H and describe any proposed fee changes.  Also complete the Fee Change Request form for each proposed new fee or a change in an existing fee.

Unbudgeted Expenses

This section should include a description of any unbudgeted expenses that you know your division will be incurring during the 2013-2014 fiscal year.  Include a description of the expense, an explanation of why it cannot be covered through reallocation of existing funds and the consequences of not receiving funding to cover the expense.

Strategic Planning Needs

This section should include a listing of budget needs (in order of importance) that would enhance your division’s ability to address the University’s and your division’s strategic goals and objectives.  Each item should include a description of the need, its potential impact on one or more strategic goals or objectives and the amount of funding needed.   

Division Funded Facility Requests

Complete Chart I and describe any proposed facility remodeling plans or requests to move operations and/or personnel, remodel existing space, or needs for additional space and that will be paid for from your Division’s continuing budget allocation. 

Facility Needs That require Additional Funding

Describe any anticipated facility needs that cannot be paid for using your Division’s continuing budget allocation, but are needed to support your Division’s ongoing programs and services.