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New advisees:

The Psychology department allows students to choose their faculty advisor. Note that only some faculty may be accepting new advisees—the online pre-declaration form will show you which advisors still have openings. If you want to declare a Psychology major or minor, there is a formal process you need to follow. Please review the instructions on the Declaring a Major or Minor page.

Current advisees:

Please check your Student Information System (SIS) account to see if you have already been assigned an advisor in Psychology (see the Figure below for where the advisor information is listed). You may also choose to switch advisors. If you are interested in switching, you should email the faculty member who you would like to have as your advisor and tell them who your previously assigned advisor was. Note that only some faculty may be accepting new advisees. If you have any questions or concerns about advising, please contact the chair Dr. Ryan Martin.

SIS screen shot
SIS Program Advisor Pane

If you have not declared a Psychology major or minor before, you must first complete our online pre-declaration of major/minor form. You can use the grid below to find your Psychology advisor's name, which you will need to include on that form. After you submit the online pre-declaration, you must contact your Psychology advisor to set up a meeting to learn more about the program and complete the official paperwork necessary to declare the major or minor. You will not be officially declared as a major or minor until AFTER that meeting with your advisor.

Internship Advisors



Children and Family Service agencies, Teen Parenthood and Pregnancy programs, Boys & Girls Clubs and other after-school programs, family violence centers, Sexual Assault Centers, other programs related to families, marriage, romantic relationships.

Denise Bartell

Stereotyping, emotion, and general social psychology related internships.

Kate Burns

Young Children, Day Care, Death and Dying Program, Early Intervention Programs, Autism, Healthy Families, Hospice, Child Life Specialist, Camp Lloyd.

Illene Cupit

Child Life Specialist, Bay Area Community Council, LIVE54218, General Health related internships.

Regan A.R. Gurung

After school programs, youth development programs, early childhood learning centers, day cares, education-based youth programs, residential facilities for youth.

Jenell Holstead

Young children, day cares, early childhood learning centers, centers for atypically developing children (autism, CP, etc.), Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA After School Programs.

Jennifer Lanter

Brain, Physiology and Behavior Organizations.

Dennis Lorenz

Brown County Human Services, Family Services, Brown County Mental Health, NEW Community Shelter, American Red Cross, Violence and Intervention Project, Mental Health/Counseling Programs (Adult), Golden House, Villa Hope Community Support Program, Parole/Probation programs.

Ryan Martin

Family Services, Sexual Assault Center, Autism, Children/Adolescents and Mental Health.

Deirdre Radosevich

Young children, day cares, creativity development programs (children’s museum, art center, etc.), multicultural/multilingual programs (reading coaches, tutoring program, etc.) for children and adults.

Sawa Senzaki

Sexual assault centers, domestic violence centers, lesbian and gay organizations, women-focused and/or anti-racist organizations such as the YWCA, and social psychology related programs dealing with stigma and/or stereotyping.

Christine Smith

Mental Health/Counseling/Human Services Programs and Agencies (Adult); Harbor House, Villa Hope Community Support Program, Sexual Assault Center, NEW Community Shelter; College Student Personnel (e.g., Admissions, Student Services); Phuture Phoenix Program.

Kristin Vespia

Nursing Homes, Adult Day Care Facilities, Older Adult Programs (Salvation Army, Aging Resource Center’s Friendly Visitor Program, Older Adult Programs at NEW Rehab., Geropsychology Programs, Alzheimer’s Association, Pastoral Care Counselors or Church Sponsored Outreach Groups. Other internships in business settings that deal with adult development and aging issues.

Dean Von Dras

Design of environments or living spaces - this could include architecture or landscape design firms, residential design or planning, residence halls on campus, facilities planning, school or classroom design or related interests. Alternative Recess Program Internship at Foxview Intermediate School, ATOD programming and research at East De Pere High School.

Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges

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For general advising questions please see the Office of Academic Advising.