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Internship Supervisors

Al Bugaj
Dr. Kate Burns Dr. Alan Chu Dr. Jason Cowell Dr. Illene Cupit Dr. Jana Fogaca Dr. Jenell Holstead Dr. Ryan Martin Dr. Sawa Senzaki Dr. Christine Smith Dr. Kris Vespia Dr. Dean Von Dras Dr. Georjeanna Wilson-Doenges
Alcohol and Other Drug Programs                         X
Alzheimer’s Interventions       X               X  
Autism Services         X   X   X        
Bereavement/Grief/Dying Services
  • Camp Lloyd
  • Support Groups
  • Hospice
        X               X
Child Life Specialists         X                
Day Care Facilities   X     X   X   X        
Environmental Planning
  • Architecture or landscape design firms,
  • Residential design,
  • Residence halls on campus
  • Facilities planning,
  • School/classroom design
Health-Related Internships
  • LIVE 54218
  • Bay Area Community Council
    X     X             X
Higher Education/College Support Personnel
  • Admissions
  • Student Services
  • Phuture Phoenix Program
    X     X         X    
Human Services Programs:
  • Golden House
  • Harbor House
  • Villa Hope Community Support Program
  • NEW Community Shelter
  • Sexual Assault Centers
  • Domestic Violence Centers
  • Family Services
  • Violence and Intervention Project
  • Rose Home for Sex Trafficking Victims
      X     X X   X X   X
Lesbian and Gay Organizations             X     X      
Medical and Neuroscience Organizations       X                  
Mental Health           X   X     X    
Non-Profit Organizations
  • American Red Cross
  • Brown County United Way
  • Brown County Library
  • Literacy Green Bay
  X           X X        
Nursing Homes                       X  
Older Adult Programming
  • Salvation Army
  • Aging Resource Center’s Friendly Visitor Program
  • Older Adult Programs at NEW Rehab
  • Geropsychology Programs
  • Pastoral Care Counselors or Church Sponsored Outreach Groups
Parole/Probation Programs
Green bay Police Department
Department to Corrections
            X X         X
Residential Facilities             X            
School Districts
Individual Schools
    X     X X           X
Social Justice Programs
  • Women-focused (for example YWCA Women’s Empowerment Center: Tech Gyrls, Women’s Closet)
  • Anti-Racist Organizations
  • Organizations dealing with Stigma and Stereotyping
  X     X       X X X    
Youth Development Organizations
  • Afterschool Programming
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Boy/Girl Scouts
  • YMCA
  X X   X X X           X
Sport, Exercise, and Performance Psychology or related areas     X