Emeritus Faculty

Ismail Shariff

Ismail Shariff

Assoc Lecturer
MAC A316

Dr. Shariff is recipient of the UW-Green Bay Founders Association Award for Excellence in Scholarship (2002). He regularly serves as a consultant to the World Bank and was the United Nations economic advisor to the government of Nigeria from 1975-1977. He is co-author of: Business Cycles in a Dynamic Economy and some sixty articles in scholarly journals such as the Economic Planning Journal... Read more »

Michael Kraft

Michael Kraft

Professor Emeritus
MAC A313

Current Research

U.S. environmental policy and politics broadly; business and environmental policy; information disclosure policies and their effects; nuclear waste policy; citizen participation in environmental decision making.

Field of Interest

American government and politics; public policy analysis; Congress and legislative processes; environmental,... Read more »

William  Laatsch

William Laatsch

University Provost 2008-2009