Public and Environmental Affairs


Skills and abilities gained with this major

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Students develop proficiency in public policy analysis, policy development and implementation, organizational management and leadership, budgeting, and governmental processes.
Beyond the Books
All Public Administration majors engage in both theoretical and applied studies. Students are encouraged to gain these experiences through independent study, applied research projects, and the internship program administered by the department.
What Skills & Abilities Are Gained With a Major in Environmental Policy and Planning?

A major in Environmental Policy & Planning develops knowledge and skills in the environmental sciences; planning and decision-making; social, economic and political processes; and the analytic capacities to participate in the processes which will shape environmental quality in the future.

What Skills & Abilities Are Gained With a Major in Urban and Regional Studies?

Urban and regional studies offers students an opportunity to develop the insight, knowledge, and technical skills needed to deal effectively with the far-reaching challenges of contemporary urban society. It prepares students to become educated world citizens through a solid foundation of core courses emphasizing skills and tool subjects, broad introductory courses at the freshman and sophomore level, and more demanding courses at the junior and senior level which explore topics at a greater depth.