Public and Environmental Affairs


Spotlight Interns

Since Fall of 2010 the Department of Public and Environmental Affairs has devoted a section on our site to spotlight our exceptional interns and their comments on the internship experience.

Summer/Fall 2014

Alexander Girard

I interned for the Office of Governor Scott Walker at the Wisconsin State Capitol during summer of 2014. I was assigned to the Operations department and assisted the Governor’s staff in many different capacities, ranging from various assigned projects to completing the official state agency weekly reports. This unique and rewarding experience has solidified my passion and intentions of a future career in government and politics. This internship paves the way to other future internships and invaluable experiences that continue to build and enhance my career. The best aspect of this internship was the highly talented and dedicated individuals and staffers of the Governor’s Office who provided me with a firsthand perspective of what it takes on a daily basis to keep our state moving forward.


Spring 2013

Jared Hopfensperger

If I can give any recommendation for a side job during college, be a volunteer firefighter. My experiences as a firefighter has given me skills in helping citizens, emergency planning, budgeting, and creating and implementing policies and procedures. It has been both an honor and an excellent opportunity to improve my knowledge and skills by serving and teaching the people in my community.

Village of Howard Fire Department Internship


Samantha Francar

I was an given the opportunity to intern for the Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin- a non profit environmental advocacy group. I assisted the Director in supporting environmental and human health by finding scholarly data about environmental issues here in Northeast Wisconsin, attending events promoting our organization, and helping CWAC in administration and environmental affairs. This internship made me realized the importance of non profit organizations and made me aware of the environmental concerns of Green Bay and much more.

Clean Water Action Council of Northeast Wisconsin Internship


Lana Whitehead

As an intern for the Village of Allouez, I was granted an inside look on the daily happenings of a local municipality. My focus was to engage residents and local businesses to support a trail reconstruction project. Fundraising for the Parks and Recreation Department allowed me to enhance my professional skills in the both the public and non-profit sectors, making myself more marketable for job opportunities after graduation.

Village of Allouez Internship

Spring 2012

Kathy Borowitz

The Einstein Project offers forty-two different hands on science kits to schools for a fee; they are used in grades K-8. My internship began in December with a focus on event planning. Einstein offers teacher training, which is required before teachers can use the kits in their classrooms. The organization held a teacher training session in January with over one hundred teachers in attendance. Later the same week The Science Expo was held at Shopko Hall. I was able to learn the many steps involved in planning, coordinating and volunteering for a major event with eighty exhibitors, over 4,000 people in attendance and 95 science projects (grades 2-8) entered into the Science Fair.

Researching and writing a grant request was a great experience. The development coordinator explained that tracking the grant requests, the items or sponsorships asked for, dates sent and the responses or money received are also part of her fundraising duties. The greatest benefit I gained from my internship at The Einstein Project was learning how the organization operates. I worked with the event planner, development coordinator, the warehouse/volunteer manager, and the professional development director. I talked with the executive director and accountant as well as working with the warehouse staff to ready the kits for use. I witnessed how the entire staff works together to accomplish their mission and goals.

The Einstein Project Internship

Brittany Polze

I interned for the Democratic Party of Wisconsin on the Recall Walker Campaign. It was a great eye-opening experience unlike any other. Since recall elections are so rare, and the process is so different from a normal campaign I truly got to be a part of something unique, as well as part of history.

Democratic Party of Wisconsin Internship


Mary Quante

I was an intern with the Taylor County Clerk regarding "Elections" as well as being appointed Chief Election Inspector in the Township of Grover. This was another rewarding experience. It was a great way to acquaint myself with the town board members as well as the community.

Taylor County Clerk Internship


Mark Ard

I interned at Neighbor Works Green Bay. It is a local non-profit that offers people a variety of services from home buyer education to foreclosure assistance. Neighbor Works also works in tandem with other non-profits such as Habitat for Humanity in rehabbing and refurbishing homes which in turn increases the value and living standards of everyone in the community. I enjoy working with Neighbor Works because I have seen the direct positive impact the organization has on the local community as well as the assistance it has provided to people in these economically difficult times.

Neighbor Works Green Bay Internship


Matt Hayes

I interned at the Brown County Democrats Office from November 2011 to January 2012 for the Recall Walker campaign. My basic duties were collecting signatures, making calls, organizing events, etc. I really liked being part of something and I felt like it was valuable work experience for me.

Brown County Democrats Office Internship


Fall 2011

Becca Bartoli

Politics are not for the weak and it should be treated as an all or nothing field. An internship in politics prepares an individual for any challenge they could possibly face.

Internship: The Democratic Party of Door County


Mary Quante

This was a "great" internship that included assisting the administrator with the recycling program as well as the solid waste department entities. My main focus was on the Mining Committee. It is a brand new committee that has the duty of implementing a county wide mining ordinance. I learned a great deal about mining and plan on continuing attending the meetings after my internship ends.

Taylor County Zoning Administrator Internship


Emma Reiser

I worked with Dr. Lora Warner at the UW-Green Bay Center for Public Affairs on the 2011 Leading Indicators for Excellence (LIFE) Study for the Fox Valley Region. For this internship, I collected data, prepared graphs and narratives, and assisted with the Executive Summaries. Not only did I learn a lot about the communities in the Fox Valley Region, but I also learned how quality of life indicators are determined through collaboration with community members and community leaders. The internship provided me with beneficial experience I can use in the future as I hopefully continue working in the nonprofit field on issues that affect quality of life.

LIFE Study Internship


Spring 2011 

Carla Martin

Quote from her Intern Supervisor (Michael Moore, WPS), "Since her arrival she was charged with researching green energy programs and proposing concepts for enhanced marketing and promotion. She has embraced this challenge and is making good progress. Currently she is working on our annual Solar Olympics Event that will be held this year at UW-Green Bay on May 11th. The work she has put into this event will no doubt help make it a huge success for the nearly 275 students from 29 area high schools."

Quote from Carla, "My internship at WPS has been fun and challenging. I have learned that having strong communication skills and good listening skills are imperative in an environment where there are varied projects and goals to accomplish. Working as a team, where everyone utilizes their strengths, ensures great results."

Wisconsin Public Service

Suzanne Marie Schilawsk

Lynn VandenLangenberg Suzanne's intern supervisor: “Working with Suzanne as an intern with Brown County has been a pleasure. She is eager to learn about County government, works well with a variety of people, and produced high-quality work. Suzanne documented in Visio software all the Value Stream Process Maps created in the LEAN events. This documentation will be used for training and to continue to improve processes. Suzanne has made a valuable contribution to Brown County’s LEAN journey and has a very promising future!”

Quote from Suzanne: "My internship with Brown County has allowed me to pursue my interest in Lean Management by helping me to develop my skills with the value stream mapping process within Brown County Government. It's been a great experience for me to learn more about non-value processes, reducing costs and improving customer service. I have also been fortunate to have great mentor and leader in my supervisor, Lynn VandenLangenberg.”

Brown County, WI

Tony Plekan

Intern Supervisor's thought: “In all, Tony has been great to work with and is very adaptable to an ever changing environment. In the end, he will have experienced local government work and issues first hand and still come out on top with great project outcomes.”

"Quote from our award winner, “My internship with the Village of Suamico gave me the opportunity to work with local government firsthand. This experience allowed me to expand my knowledge of the administrative process, recognize the significance of strategic planning, and come to appreciate the effort needed to manage a community.”

Village of Suamico, WI

Kassidy Swartz

Bill Nabak, Kassidy’s intern supervisor, “Kassidy has shown remarkable insight while comparing the Employee Manuals for several different entities. She also has a talent for presenting relatively complex issues in a clear and concise manner. It has been a pleasure to work with her.”

Quote from our award winner, “My internship with the Green Bay Water Utility has enabled me to apply my knowledge of policy analysis by providing me with a valuable opportunity to evaluate and compare various policies and procedures, in order to identify policy areas in need of revision.”

Green Bay Water Utility


Fall 2010

Anne Malcore

Christine Seidl, Anne's intern supervisor commented, "It has been a pleasure to have Anne involved at Beacon House! I have enjoyed the interns very much and each brings a special talent and approach to their experience here."

Quote from our award winner, "My experience as an intern with the Beacon House, Inc. was an enlightening, positive learning experience that gave me the opportunity to participate in projects; meet a network of supportive, compassionate people; as well as, learn the intricacies of how a non-profit organization is financed and operated." (Pictured is the mosaic project wall, "Memorial Wall of Hope and Healing," which was a project that I was directly involved with during my time at the Beacon House, Inc.).

Green Bay Beacon House

Tom Brown

Mai Lo Lee, Tom's intern supervisor, "I would like to nominate Tom Brown because he was my intern for the Ally Conference which was held this Saturday, Oct. 16, 2010 and he was able to execute successfully the marketing plan and also the registration plan of the conference. There was over 150 persons in attendance at the Ally Conference."

Quote from our award winner, "With the actual conference being in October, and planning for the conference started in May, it was a great learning experience to have seen the different stages of planning, managing a budget, and marketing."

UWGB American Intercultural Center

Sara Bruesewitz

Judy Weter, Sara's Supervisor, "Sara has a refreshing attitude and is very professional."

Quote from our award winner, "Interning with the Village of East Troy gave me insight to the day to day tasks of administration as well as the rewards and challenges of a public manager."
City of Troy, WI