School Bus Rental (for inter-state and intra-state travel)

Contract #: GB 6466
Contract Administrator: Marie Helmke ext 2598

Contract Term: 7/1/2013 - 6/30/2016

Payment Options: Purchase Order or Purchasing Card

Vendor: Kobussen Buses Ltd
W914 Cty Rd CE, Kaukauna WI 54130

Contact: Sandy Vanderaa @ 920-766-0606 ext 171 OR
Contact: Bill Wolfe @ 920-766-0606 ext 171
Call to Order/Expedite: 920-766-0606 or 1-800-447-0116
Invoice Information : 920-766-0606

Pricing 07.01.14 - 06.30.15

Cost Per Mile: * Time Charge: *
Bus Size

# of Adults

Dead Mile

Live MIle Minimum Hourly Maximum
29-Passenger 19 $1.13 $1.13 $56 $13.00/Hr $250
71/72-Passenger 48 $1.32 $1.32 $65 $13.00/Hr $250
77/78-Passenger 51 $1.43 $1.43 $70 $13.00/Hr $250
82-Passenger 54 $1.49 $1.49 $75 $13.00/Hr $250

*Cost is greater of the two calculations. You are charged for either mileage or time, not both. Mileage charge is higher than the time charge = Miles x Mileage Charge. Time Charge is higher than mileage charge = Minimum Time Charge plus Hourly rate after first hour.

Other Information:

  • Kobussen Buses, Ltd. can supply a variety of handicapped school buses. We can handle 5 wheelchairs and a limited number of ambulatory to one wheelchair and 40 ambulatory passengers. Wheelchair accessible school buses will be billed at the 82-passenger bus size rates. For each wheelchair on the bus we must decrease the seated capacity by 4 passengers (2 per seat). Kobussen Buses, Ltd. can also supply school buses with seat betls. Max capacity is 48 for seat belts and there is no additional charge. These are lap belts only.

  • All buses not booked 48 hours or more in advance will be subject to a 5% increase in stated prices.

  • Overnight charge of $30/night and UW-Green Bay is responsible for the driver's room. If Kobussen is responsible for the driver's room, the charge will be $130/night.

  • All tolls, parking or other miscellaneous charges similar to this will be billed at actual cost.

  • Account number: Use either 2162 (travel, non-employee/student) or 2164 (team travel), if entering a Purchase Order.

Cancellation charges: Will not be billed unless the driver is in route.. Then charges will be time and mileage or $25.00 minimum.