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Regional Center for Math and Science

Summer 2022
June 26th - August 6th
on-campus residential


  • Application Materials Available January 31, 2022 -- INCLUDING OnLine
  • Summer 2022 RCMS Early Decision Application Deadline is February 25, 2022
  • Application Deadline: April 15, 2022

Online New Student Application Process

You MUST complete the electronic application form in ONE session
—you cannot save and return later to complete it!
Therefore, make sure you have enough time and the following information to finish it in one session.
  1. Student Application for Admission

    • Your address, phone number, and personal email address (not your school email)
    • Your parents’ phone numbers and email addresses
    • Know whether or not each parent earned a degree from a 4-year college or university
    • Your current cumulative GPA
    • Your grades in all math and science courses that you have taken
  2. Application Essay – Compose an essay to answer these questions:

    • Tell us why you want to participate in the Regional Center for Math & Science.
    • Include your future educational plans and careers that interest you.
    You can type your essay directly into the online form.
    Or you can write it out ahead of time, by typing the essay in
    either Word or Google Drive, and then copying and pasting
    it into the online form.
  3. Two Reference Names and Email Addresses

  4. One teacher or counselor who can comment on your academic performance.
    Using two teachers is acceptable. One math or science teacher is preferable.
    You may also use one coach, pastor, family friend, employer, etc. who can
    comment on your character and behavior.
  5. That’s it! For the online portion.
    However, we need two more things MAILED or EMAILED
    before your application is complete.
    They are:

    • An Eligibility Verification Form – This can be printed while you are completing the online application.
      Your parent or guardian must complete and sign this form. A copy of the 2021 Federal 1040 tax return on
      which you were claimed must be included with the verification form. Check the form itself for more information.
    • An unofficial copy of your latest transcript – This may be obtained from your school counselor or guidance office.
    Online Application E-form Preferred! Who Should Complete
    Written Instructions for Online Completion (PDF)  
    Form 1: Student Application and Essay Applying Student - BEGIN HERE!
    Form 2: Eligibility Verification Form (PDF)
    This form must be signed and mailed. PRINT FORM!
    Forms 3: Academic Reference
    Academic: Science, Math, Other Teacher
    Forms 4: Personal Reference
    Personal: Coach, Counselor, Clergy,
    UB/ETS Staff, Teacher, Other
    Forms 5: Current Student Transcript
    scan and email to
    Print and Mail
    UW-Green Bay
    Regional Center for Math and Science
    TRIO SS 1721
    2420 Nicolet Drive
    Green Bay, WI 54311-7001

    Submitted application status!