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Records Management

Retention & Destruction

You and the Records Officer will determine the length of time each particular record type needs to be retained in your office. This will be recorded on your Records Schedule (RDA) form, and the Public Records Board will approve it.

Once this approved length of time has elapsed, you may dispose of the records as directed.

How do I dispose of my records?

There are three ways to dispose of records from your office or department. The method you should use for each type of record is recorded on your Records Schedule (RDA) form.

  1. Recycle or dispose of them yourself after the specified retention period
    Place records in your regular recycling or waste receptacle
  2. Dispose of them through confidential destruction
    Some records contain social security numbers, credit card numbers, medical information, or other confidential information. These records cannot be disposed of in the regular recycling or trash; they must be shredded.

    YOU SHOULD NOT SHRED RECORDS IN A PERSONAL SHREDDER. The University Archives coordinates four Confidential Destruction dates per year. Once your records have been approved for confidential destruction, you will be notified by email of the upcoming confidential destruction date and time. You may also check the confidential destruction page for information on the next confidential destruction date.

    As part of the process, you will be asked how many boxes of which types of records you intend to bring. You will be met at the Loading Dock by Archives staff, who will check your records off our list. You must then wait with your records until they are loaded onto the shredding truck.
  3. Transfer records to the University Archives for permanent retention
    Read more about transferring records.