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Records Management

Schedules for Common Records

Click on the links below to download a specific schedule.

A records schedule, also known as a Records Disposition Authorization (RDA), is a policy document that provides certain descriptive information about a given set of records.

In essence, the records schedule describes your department's information resources, how long they are going to be retained, and what their ultimate disposition will be.

State agencies are statutorily required to provide records schedules for all records not already covered by an existing records schedule. By law, RDAs have to be submitted one year after each records series has been received or created. After 10 years, the RDA sunsets, and a new one must be resubmitted for Public Records Board approval. The records schedule is the key document for establishing a records management program for your department. In Wisconsin State government, the records scheduling process is accomplished by completing an RDA and submitting it to the Public Records Board (PRB) for approval. There are three types of records schedules for the University: general campus-wide, general system-wide, and department/unit specific.

UW System Schedules

There are many records all of the UW campuses have in common. These have been scheduled as a system and are listed below.

UW-Green Bay Schedules

There are many records all of the UW-Green Bay departments have in common. These have been scheduled as a campus and are listed below.