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Records Management

Getting Started


You have taken the first step in managing your records, instead of letting your records manage you.

Follow the Records Management Six-Step program:

  1. Set up a time when the Records Officer can come and look at your records. UW-Green Bay's Records Officer is:
            Deb Anderson: x2539 or
    In the meantime, you can begin the process by completing an Inventory and Analysis Worksheet. Send your completed worksheets to the Records Officer prior to your meeting to speed the process.
  2. Staff Visit
    1. Records Officer will survey the records in your area with you.
    2. Some records may fall under an umbrella category of records that are already scheduled by the State. These will be identified with you.
    3. Records unique to our campus/your office will need to be scheduled. Records Officer will instruct and assist you with filling out the paperwork.
  3. Your Record Schedules (RDAs) are submitted to the Public Records Board by the Records Officer.
  4. Waiting Period. The Public Records Board meets quarterly to discuss and approve record schedules.
  5. Records Officer receives approved RDAs back from Public Records Board. You are notified and receive a copy with retention/destruction instructions.
  6. Follow the retention/destruction instructions for each of your record types.