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Fall 2020 - Final Exams Policies & Recommendations

Final Exam Policies and Recommendations Fall 2020 Semester

The following statements have been endorsed by the Academic Deans and Provost regarding final exams for the Fall 2020 semester.
  • Consistent with existing UWGB policy, all final exams must be given during finals week itself, not during the last week of classes, so that they are spaced appropriately for students.
  • If an online final exam is given, the earliest it can start is the first day of finals week, and a minimum 72-hour window should be given to complete the exam. The exam can still be timed within that – e.g., students may have a set number of minutes to take the test once they begin. This is consistent with existing UWGB policy that students cannot have more than 2 exams on the same day during finals week. If we give 72 hours, a student with 18credits/6 classes could space their exams at 2 per day.
  • If instructors are going to use an authentic assessment final exam “equivalent” (e.g., case study, paper, presentation), it should be due at the point of the already-scheduled final exam for the course, not during the final week of classes. Consistent with UWGB policy, final exams, or in this case, the equivalent, occur during finals week to ensure students have adequate study/preparation time and do not have all of their final assessments due, for example, on the last day of classes. This guideline does not apply to final projects for classes that were listed with due dates in the syllabus at the beginning of the semester; it only refers to assignments created to replace final exams.
  • As instructors look ahead to giving exams, consider the following issues related to test administration.
  • Instructors should check with students who have disability accommodations about their access to a distraction-free environment if that is one of their provided accommodations. They should work with Disability Services to make appropriate arrangements if that is not possible in the current circumstances due to children at home, multiple telecommuters in the same household, etc.
  • Instructors who will be using online final exams should proactively check with their studentsto see if they have access to a stable Internet connection to last them for the duration ofthe exam (e.g., is the student relying on a phone with spotty wi-fi to complete their course right now?). They should consider alternatives for students who do not have appropriate access