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Declaration of Major/Minor/Certificates Forms

Electronic forms require an active UWGB network user ID and password. If your network user ID is no longer active or if you don't have a valid UWGB network user ID, click on the form. You will have to create a user account at the log in page to complete the electronic forms.

If you are having difficulty accessing a form, please call GBOSS at (920) 465-2111.


  Declare my Major/Minor/Certificate

Faculty approval to Declare a Major/Minor/Certificate. Accounting, Business Administration, Communication, Computer Science, Education, Music, and Social Work require additional steps to declare BEFORE completing this form. Check the department website for more information. If you do not meet the pre-declaration or academic requirements for these majors, your e-form will likely be denied. Students need to submit this form to a faculty advisor within the specified major or minor for approval. Students will receive an email notification of approval or denial once the advisor completes the form. If approved, GBOSS will update SIS.  Students will then see the new academic requirements and faculty advisor included in their SIS account.


  Drop my Major/Minor/Certificate

Students are required to complete this form to remove a major, minor, or certificate from their academic requirements.  No additional approval is required. GBOSS will update SIS, removing the specified academic requirement and faculty advisor.