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Miscellaneous Forms

Electronic forms require an active UWGB network user ID and password. If your network user ID is no longer active or if you don't have a valid UWGB network user ID, click on the form. You will have to create a user account at the log in page to complete the electronic forms.

If you are having difficulty accessing a form, please call GBOSS at (920) 465-2111.


  Request to Remove Interdisciplinary Requirement

Used by students to remove the interdisciplinary program graduation requirement. This will take effect for the 2018-2019 academic year starting September 5, 2018. SIS will reflect the change at that time.


165 Tuition Surcharge Waiver

165 credits tuition surcharge waiver form. The Dean of Enrollment Management will review the request.  If approved, the Bursar's Office will apply the waiver to that semester's tuition charges in SIS. Student will be notify by their student email after the waiver is applied to their account.


  Graduation Check

Used by students to check if all their degree requirements have been met. To complete this form, students must have 96 earned or in progress credits AND have applied to graduate. Students will get an email notification from the Registrar's Office.


  Personal Data Change OR Name Change (print only form)

Used by students to submit a preferred or legal name change. Legal changes require the student to upload copies to the form as proof of this change. (e.g. State issued ID card, drivers license, court order) See Legal or Preferred Identity Practices here for further information about legally changing gender or submitting Social Security information to the records office.


Replacement Diploma Request(Print Form Only)

Replace a lost or damaged diploma. Submit completed form with payment to the Registrar's Office. Please allow 3-5 business days for the diploma to be delivered via U.S. mail.


  Retroactive Credit

Upon completion of a specific language, Music Application, or Math courses, students may earn addtional credits with faculty approval.


  Request to Review Transfer Course

Used when you have received transfer credit on your official UWGB record and would like a course re-reviewed to determine if the course can be considered equivalent to a specific UWGB course. The Registrar's Office will work with the appropriate faculty to review the incoming course.  The student will receive an email notification from the Registrar's Office after review.