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Academic Plan Hold

Students are required to declare a valid Academic Plan by the time they have earned 45 total credits. A check list reminder about declaring a valid academic plan is found on your SIS student account.
  • You will not be able to register once the hold is placed on your account.
  • You are notified via your UW-Green Bay email account once the hold is placed on your record.
  • You may be granted a one semester grace period to declare a major from certain programs (Accounting, Business Administration, Communication, Human Biology, Music or Social Work). The Academic Plan Waiver form is approved by faculty one-time only. Approved forms are submitted to the Registrar's office, an extension is placed on the account and a student may begin registering for the current term.
  • If a student is not able to gain entry into the program, a declaration of major is still required for the next registration period.
  • Questions? Contact Student Services at (920) 465-2657 or

Declare Major

In order to avoid an Academic Plan Hold you'll need a major. In order to start one it's best if you contact your advisor.

You must have 

  • A major that is interdisciplinary or
  • A disciplinary major paired with an interdisciplinary major/minor
  • A specified emphasis for those majors where one is required