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Approval status is good for a maximum of two years. You may renew your approval up to three months prior to your expiration date. Renewals should be completed prior to your expiration date. Any programs that have expired for a year or longer must reapply as a new program. Once a program has expired it may not offer additional classes until the renewal is complete and approved. If you have any questions, please e-mail registry@uwgb.edu.

Program Renewals

Programs are encouraged to update their curriculum each time they submit a renewal. The purpose of the update is to keep current and provide the highest quality of education to potential instructors. Please note that fees are not refundable. 

Instructor Renewals

  1. Program representatives should contact registry@uwgb.edu to request the instructor renewal application. 
  2. All instructors can be entered at one time.
  3. The following information will need to be entered: name of instructor, date of birth, phone number, instructor's e-mail address and qualification/credential information.
  4. Complete the information requested and submit payment for the instructors. Please note that fees are not refundable. 
  5. All instructors must have six hours of documented continuing education.  A minimum of three hours must be in adult learning.  The remaining three may be related to adult learning or any of the core competencies for which they are approved.
  6. Once the program and instructors are renewed, an e-mail will be sent and the registry will be updated.