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Distance Learning Approval

Distance Learning Policy

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, The Wisconsin Training Registries have approved the following distance learning policy. The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay, The Wisconsin Training Registries have approved the following distance learning policy.

  1. Any instructor who needs to use distance learning options, must receive prior approval from the registry. Log into the Instructor Dashboard to apply for approval.
  2. Once approved the instructor will receive approval via email.
Approved Structures
  1. Classes must be completed live with a web based or live video tool where the instructor can see the participants to ensure engagement and participation in the learning activities.
    1. If two-way video is not available, a proctor is permitted. The proctor must meet one of the following criteria:
      1. A person who is licensed or credentialed in the state of Wisconsin.
      2. A management level person of the facility who is on the registry for the classes.
      3. An approved instructor for one of the registry classes.
    2. The proctor must be present during the entire class.
  2. All videos must be shown and all activities completed. This may require some creative use of supplies to assure that the participants have the opportunity to practice the skills as outlined in the curriculum.
  1. A proctor must hand the tests to the employees and then collect the tests upon completion.
  2. Tests should be scanned immediately to the approved instructor for grading.
  3. The original tests should be mailed within 10 days to the instructor.
  4. Online testing can be developed and used by the instructors, if the instructor receives prior approval from the registry for their testing method. Requests for approval can be submitted to
    1. Online testing will need to be secure.
    2. Will need to demonstrate how cheating will be minimized.
  5. In the event that a proctor is not available to hand out and supervise the testing, the instructor may use a one-on-one video call to oral administer the test to each participant individually.
    1. The instructor should document the answers on a written test for each participant, marking that it was completed orally for all topics other than Medication Administration.
  6. In addition to the above testing requirements, the following applies to Medication Administration and Medication Administration Train-the-Trainer programs
    1. The written test should follow 1-4 above.
    2. The skills test
      1. The instructor must be able to watch the participant via live video complete each of the tasks on the test.
      2. If the instructor is not able to watch the skills test, they may use a proctor as long as the proctor meets the following:
        1. They must be a licensed to administer medication in the state of Wisconsin, management level person, or a registry approved Medication Administration Instructor.
        2. Management level person must be on the registry for Medication Administration.
Temporary Follow-up Procedure for Medication Administration Classes Taught After August 1, 2021
  1. During the class registration in the Instructor Dashboard, instructors will be asked if they are teaching In-person, Hybrid, or via Distance Learning.
    1. In-person means the entire class was taught with the participants and instructor in the same room.
    2. A hybrid class is one where the majority of the class was taught using Distance Learning but that the testing, activities, and skills drills were taught in-person.
    3. Distance Learning is a class taught completely through a live virtual platform in compliance with the Distance Learning Policy.
  2. Instructors who teach using Distance Learning should schedule a time with each employee/participant they trained in Medication Administration to assure compliance and understanding of the medication administration procedures within 60 days of completing the class.
  3. Ways to assure compliance and understanding:
    1. Instructors may pick 2-3 medication administration procedures from the skills test to assure compliance and understanding.
    2. Another way to check compliance and understanding would be to audit a medication administration pass.
    3. Instructors should document their follow-up for each employee/participant. This documentation should be kept for two years.
  4. Instructors will not be required to submit documentation of the follow-up, but the registry reserves the right to audit compliance with policy and procedures at any time.


  1. The instructor no longer works for our facility. How do we do the follow-up? Another registry-approved Medication Administration Instructor, or a licensed physician, registered pharmacist, registered nurse, physician’s assistant or nurse practitioner may complete the follow-up. The alternate person completing the review must complete documentation required and the affidavit. Documentation should be maintained for two years by the person completing the follow-up.
  2. The employee no longer works for our facility. Do we have to follow-up? If the employee has left employment, the instructor should make an attempt to contact the employee to complete the follow-up. After attempts have been made and the employee cannot be reached, the instructor should document they made the attempts to complete the follow-up. This documentation should be maintained by the instructor for two years.
  3. Do I have to complete the follow-up in person? The follow-up is encouraged to be done in-person. If in-person follow-up cannot be completed, a web conferencing resource can be used, but it must have two-way video and be a one-on-one conversation between the instructor and employee. Classes after August 1, 2021 must have in-person follow-up completed.
  4. For classes taught after August 1, 2021, do I need to submit an affidavit that the follow-up is complete? No, but you must maintain documentation that the follow-up was completed. The Wisconsin Training Registry may conduct random audits from time to time and may contact you for copies of the documentation. Documentation of the follow-up must be kept for two years by the instructor.

For questions contact the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay at or 920-465-2469.