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Distance Learning Approval

Distance Learning Temporary Policy

The Wisconsin Department of Health Services (DHS) and the University of Wisconsin – Green Bay, Wisconsin Community-Based Care and Treatment Training Registry (the registry) has approved distance learning to occur in the event that in-person classes are not possible until DHS and the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) determine the current COVID-19 emergency has ended. This plan covers all department approved classes managed by the registry including the Assisted Living Administrators Course and Train-the-Trainer Courses. All efforts should be made to hold classes in person when possible when it has been determined that it does not place the participant and instructor’s health and safety at risk. Distance learning must meet the requirements outlined below.

  1. Any instructor who needs to use distance learning options, must receive prior approval from the registry. An approval application is available to apply at: Distance Learning Application.
  2. The registry will work to expedite approvals.
  3. Once approved the instructor will receive approval via email.
Approved Structures
  1. Classes must be completed with a web based or live video tool where the instructor can see the participants to ensure engagement and participation in the learning activities.
    1. If two-way video is not available, a proctor is permitted. The proctor must meet one of the following criteria:
      1. A person who is licensed or credentialed in the state of Wisconsin.
      2. A management level person of the facility who is on the registry for the classes.
      3. An approved instructor for one of the registry classes.
    2. The proctor must be present during the entire class.
  2. All videos must be shown and all activities completed. This may require some creative use of supplies to assure that the participants have the opportunity to practice the skills as outlined in the curriculum.
  1. A proctor must hand the tests to the employees and then collect the tests upon completion.
  2. Tests should be scanned immediately to the approved instructor for grading.
  3. The original tests should be mailed within 10 days to the instructor.
  4. Online testing can be developed and used by the instructors, if the instructor receives prior approval from the registry for their testing method. Requests for approval can be submitted to
    1. Online testing will need to be secure.
    2. Will need to demonstrate how cheating will be minimized.
  5. In the event that a proctor is not available to hand out and supervise the testing, the instructor may use a one-on-one video call to oral administer the test to each participant individually.
    1. The instructor should document the answers on a written test for each participant, marking that it was completed orally.
  6. In addition to the above testing requirements, the following applies to Medication Administration and Medication Administration Train-the-Trainer programs
    1. The written test should follow 1-4 above.
    2. The skills test
      1. The instructor must be able to watch the participant via live video complete each of the tasks on the test.
      2. If the instructor is not able to watch the skills test, they may use a proctor as long as the proctor meets the following:
        1. They must be a licensed to administer medication in the state of Wisconsin, management level person, or a registry approved Medication Administration Instructor.
        2. Management level person must be on the registry for Medication Administration.
    3. When the COVID-19 emergency is declared over, instructors will have 60 days to follow-up with each participant they trained through distance learning to assure compliance and understanding of the medication administration procedures that were taught. 
      1. Instructor will need to notify the registry when they have completed the follow-up.
For questions contact the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay at or 920-465-2772.

Find a Distance Learning Approved Instructor

During the COVID-19 emergency, instructors who have been approved to use distance learning are listed at the link below. Approval can also be found on the Master Instructor Registry by searching by a specific instructor's name. Use this link to find an instructor if you are trying to find a new instructor. When you click on the button, a searchable excel file will download with the current listing. This listing will be updated by 4pm, M-F.