2021-2022 Research Booster Program

The UW-Green Bay Research Council is currently accepting proposals for a new one-time Research Booster Program with funds totaling $175,000 that is designed to support new initiatives in faculty scholarship and research.

The initiative hopes to:

1) Demonstrate institutional support for scholarship on the UWGB-Green Bay and its affiliated campuses,
2) Encourage faculty across all colleges to pursue their scholarship by defraying some of the costs,
3) Kickstart research agendas that may have been negatively impacted by the pandemic,
and 4) Inspire creativity, foster research collaboration, and enable work with undergraduates.

Stage 1: Pre-Proposal due by Dec. 1, 2021

The Pre-proposal will serve as an introduction to your project. This will allow applicants to quickly propose a project, and if the project is chosen for the second round, applicants will then have time to organize more specifics of the project, timeline, budget, and any necessary approvals.

Submit a document no more than one page single-spaced (PDF format only) that includes the following:
1. Title of Project
2. Participant Name(s)
3. Brief objective of your project and context
4. Estimated Cost
5. Estimated Timeframe

Criteria for evaluating pre-proposals include:
• The degree to which the proposal addresses all requirements of the application.
• Perceived quality of the project, clear objective, and context
• Tangible cost and timeframe

Pre-proposals for funds are due 11:59 p.m. Dec, 1, 2021 via electronic submission to rcgrants@uwgb.edu (PDF format only)


Stage 2: Full Proposal due by Feb 14th, 2022

Participants will be notified no later than December 15th, 2021 about their pre-proposal application status. Guidelines and evaluation criteria for full proposals will be included in the notification for those selected for Round 2.

Download the Research Booster Call here (PDF)
Download Frequently Asked Questions here (PDF)

Requests for a completed full proposal will be made prior to the end of the Fall 2021 semester.

  Research Booster Program Dates
Stage #1 App Deadline December 1st, 2021
Notification Date by December 15th, 2021
Stage #2 Application Deadline February 14th, 2022
Notification of Awards by March 8th, 2022
Final Report Deadline Within 6 months of the completion of Research Booster program or earlier.


 If you have any concerns or issues, contact the Research Council at rcgrants@uwgb.edu.