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Office of Grants & Research


The sub-award process is used when UW-Green Bay passes through a portion of the sponsored award to another entity for the purpose of programmatic effort on the project or when UW-Green Bay receives a portion of a sponsored award from another organization. All the terms and conditions that are part of the primary award must be included in the sub-award document. Signature of acceptance of these terms by the receiving entity is required.

A Personal Services Contract is not considered a sub-award. A Personal Services Contract (PSC) is with an individual and that individual is usually considered a consultant. They are paid a specific rate to deliver and we own what they deliver.

When UW-Green Bay is the organization offering the sub-award

A budget that includes a sub-award to another organization must include the following:

  • a separate detailed budget signed by the sub-awardee's authorized official
  • a statement of work and/or letter of intent signed by the sub-award's authorized official
  • a budget justification

When UW-Green Bay is the organization receiving the sub-award

We then process:

  • a separate detailed budget and budget justification
  • a statement of work
  • an ETF (Extramural Support Transmittal Form) to be routed for institutional review and approval