Research with Animals (IACUC)

According to federal law all laboratory use of non-human vertebrate animals at UW-Green Bay must be approved by the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC).

Workers doing field investigations that involve handling of non-human vertebrates must also receive approval from IACUC. Workers performing observational field investigations (i.e., work that does not involve direct handling of animals or significant manipulation of the animals' environment) are exempt from full committee approval, but must submit a protocol to the IACUC chair to be considered for exemption. A new Vertebrate Animal Use Protocol form is available from the IACUC chair. At the end of each investigation the Principal Investigator (PI) must submit a brief summary of activities conducted under the protocol to the IACUC chair. A new Vertebrate Animal Use Report/Renewal form is available from the IACUC chair. This form also can be used to renew an approved protocol if submitted to the IACUC chair within one year of protocol approval (or previous renewal). Renewals do not require full committee review as long as the protocol is not changed significantly (at the chair’s discretion).

Students can be covered under an instructor's/advisor's protocol as long as their work does not deviate from the approved protocol.

Principal Investigators (PI) are required to have animal care training certification. Principal Investigators with training from other institutions (e.g., during graduate study) are considered certified. Students working with a PI (e.g., in a lab course) are not required to have certification, but must be instructed in the ethical care and use of animals in research by the PI.

Please contact for a protocol form or protocol modification form.