Group Transportation

Whenever the University has any degree of control of a Field Trip or other Off-Campus Trip, a "duty of care" exists.  This duty of care requires the faculty or administrative sponsor of a trip to supervise and be responsible for ensuring the participants are safely transported to the location, are properly supervised during the event and return to the point of departure.  The fact that these individuals are in almost all cases adults does mitigate some liability; it does not insulate the University from all claims of damage or injury.  To that ends, some procedures are necessary to insure that the University is protected to the greatest extent possible.

Whenever possible and cost effective, personal vehicles should not be used to transport students to the field trip location. The University should provide transportation if the event is sponsored by the University (bus transportation).  Bus transportation must be requested via approved purchasing contracts found below.

Transportation provided by the University (charter or school bus), should begin and end on campus.  A field trip that begins and ends on campus is less likely to be questioned as a “field trip” by insurance policy administrators when reviewing a claim.

Transportation not provided by the University requires the participants to convene at the site off campus.  Individual participants will be personally liable for transportation to/from/during events when the University does not provide for transportation. In these instances, faculty or staff should not be involved in planning or supervising the travel arrangements of individuals.

Group Transportation Providers

Following are the links to the contracts and contact information for the group transportation providers:

Lamers-Coach Bus Rental
Kobussen-School Bus Rental