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New Freshmen Scholarships

Priority application date: February 15

Qualified students who submit this application are considered for a pool of named scholarships managed through the Financial Aid Office.  Explore the other sections of this site to find additional funding opportunities.  The Scholarship Review Committee begins awarding after the February 15 priority application date each year.  The process continues throughout the summer until all funds are committed.  Scholarship selection is competitive.  Students selected for an award will be notified via postal mail and campus email.

New Freshmen are defined as current high school seniors ~OR~ students who have not taken any college coursework since graduating high school.

The Scholarship Review Committee utilizes academic information (e.g., GPA, standardized test scores, etc.) from official records submitted to the UW-Green Bay Office of Admissions.  GPAs are calculated based on an unweighted, 4.00 scale. 

A small number of University scholarships require students to complete a Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) for consideration.  We encourage all qualified students to complete a FAFSA annually.  The Department of Education releases the FAFSA for the upcoming academic year on October 1st (high school students may complete it during their senior year).

Scholarships for incoming freshmen are based on traditional selection criteria, such as academic achievement and demonstration of leadership skills through school and community involvement.


  • Admitted to UWGB as a new freshman
  • Unweighted, cumulative high school GPA of a 3.00 or higher