Understanding Data Communications and Networks

(3rd edition)


William Shay


I'm currently in the process of preparing for a possible 4th edition of this book. Is there something you'd like to see added? Are there topics that should be removed? Should any chapters be restructured? If you have used this book and would like to share your opinion, I would very much like to hear it. I have designed a very simple form that should require no more than just a couple minutes of your time. If you would like to participate, please click here. Thank You.

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The book discusses a client-server project that allows a C client program to connect to a C server program for the purpose of downloading a file. At SIGCSE 2002 I also presented a generalization of that problem by creating a client and server program in Java. Either client (C or Java) may connect with either server (C or Java) to download the file. Click here for access to each of those four programs.
Click here for the Perl scripts that implement the Pizza ordering system in Chapter 12. This file has been tarred and compressed using Linux utilities. To decompress, use the command "uncompress pizza.Z". This will generate a file name "pizza". To untar, use the command "tar -xvf pizza". This will generate the perl scripts discussed in Chapter 12.
Click here for a C program that mimics how a search engine exchanges information with a browser. As with the previous entry, this is a tarred and compressed file. It contains an htm file similar to that in Figure 12.15 and a C program similar to that in Figure 12.17. This particular program does a search on acronyms for campuses in the University of Wisconsin System. For example, entering uwgb results in the cgi program returning a link to the web site for the University of Wisconsin at Green Bay. Entering uwm returns a link to the web site for the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee. Entering all returns links to each of the 4-year campuses.

If you have any comments or things you'd like to share contact Bill Shay at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay

Last update on: August 25, 2004