Counseling Services

What is counseling?

The goal of counseling is to improve one's overall mental health.  It can help individuals address emotional issues, behavioral issues, or increase individual growth. Take a look at our brochure to learn more about the counseling services on campus.

Students can make an appointment for counseling services in several ways:

  • Calling the confidential voicemail at 920-459-6684
  • Emailing Luisa Morales, Mental Health Counselor
  • Making an appointment at the Solution Center front desk

Personal counseling services are available to all registered students. Personal counseling services differ from advising services in that a number of personal issues can be addressed during counseling sessions. Common areas of concern brought to counseling include:

  • Stress, stress-management
  • Anxiety/fears/worries
  • Depression/sadness/mood swings
  • Problems related to school/grades
  • Attention and concentration
  • Low self-esteem/confidence
  • Procrastination/motivation
  • Friends/roommates/dating concerns
  • Sleep difficulties
  • Choice of major/career

Counseling can help with the following:

  • Using strengths and attributes in a variety of situations
  • Identifying problem areas and factors that attribute to difficulties and dissatisfaction
  • Learning what thoughts and behaviors contribute to and maintain problems and how to change them
  • Improving stress-management skills
  • Building self-confidence and self-esteem
  • Enhancing the quality of relationships
  • Making better decisions
  • Leading a more satisfying and fulfilling life

There are several screening tools available to help you determine if you could benefit from counseling or referral services on campus: