Preferred Name

Students now have the option to use a Preferred Name that will display in many, but not all, locations throughout UW-Green Bay's systems. Class and grade rosters, the Outlook email directory, and the on-line web directory will all display the student's Preferred Name. Some locations, though, will display the student's Primary Name (usually the legal name). These will include academic records (transcripts), financial information, and FERPA.

Class and Grade rosters will display the preferred name

When looking at the Advisee Student Center you will see the student’s Preferred Name

When looking at the student's Unofficial Transcript you will see the student's Preferred Name on the request screen, but the Preferred Name on the actual transcript.

Student's Academic Requirements (Advisement) Report you will see the student's Preferred Name

The key to ensuring that you are working with the correct student is to use the student's ID number. When a student chooses to have a Preferred Name they are encouraged to use their student ID number in all transactions with university employees.