Teaching Schedule

  1. Logon to the Student Information System at http://www.uwgb.edu/sis.
  2. Once you are logged in the first screen that displays is your Faculty Center/my schedule.

This displays all the class sections assigned to you for the semester, including independent study, internship, research assistantship, teaching assistantship, and honors in the major. (Some may not have enrollment.)

There are three icons in the legend: Class Roster; Grade Roster; and Learning Management. Clicking on the Class Roster icon (the cluster of people) next to a course will bring up... the class roster. The Grade Roster icon will appear once grade rosters have been created - usually not until a few weeks before the end of the term. If you are missing a grade roster for one of your classes contact the Registrar's office for assistance. The Learning Management icon is nice to look at but does not display anywhere other than in the Icon Legend. UWGB does not use this this method.

When you select View My Weekly Schedule at the bottom of your schedule it will display the first date of the semester in the Show Week of field. You may select a date within the term by clicking the small calendar icon to the right of the field. For example, to display your schedule for the third week of the Fall 2013 term, select September 16. Remember to click on a particular day; you cannot just select the month. Click the refresh calendar button to update the screen.

Courses that do not have a meeting pattern (such as internet or independent study) will display below the weekly schedule. If you are teaching a class that starts later in the semester you would need to go to that date to see it on the weekly schedule. You can also select to display specific days, AM/PM or 24 hour time ('military'), and the Class Title. These selections do not 'stick' so if you want to see them the next time you look as the weekly schedule you would need to select them again and refresh the calendar.

 For printing purposes, we recommend that you KEEP Saturday and Sunday on the display. (If you print the schedule in the normal portrait mode, part of the screen is cut off so that all of Sunday and part of Saturday will not print.) If you choose to print in a landscape orientation, check to see how many pages have been generated. You may only need to print the first page.

You can also look at your final exam schedule. Your exam schedule displays on the faculty center below your Teaching Schedule. For much of the semester is will probably look like this:

Once the Registrar's Office runs the exam scheduling process and makes some manual adjustments your exams should populate the section:

The final exam schedule follows the matrix found on the Registrar's website under Calendar.