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Social Work

Post-Degree Certificates and Programs

Post-MSW School Social Work Certification Program
The UW-Green Bay MSW Program is committed to educating and supporting the presence of social workers in K-12 schools throughout Wisconsin.  The following information is for practitioners seeking School Social Work certification after completing their MSW degree.

Students who wish to obtain School Social Work certification while seeking their MSW degree at UW-Green Bay should follow the process for Future Students.  Students who have a lapsed School Social Work certification should follow the guidelines posted on the DPI website.

Required Coursework
The curriculum for school social workers is based on the Wisconsin Department of the Public Instruction (DPI) required standards.

The following courses are completed through the UW-Green Bay Social Work Program:

•    SOC WORK 761: Overview of Wisconsin DPI School Social Work Standards
•    SOC WORK 762: Wisconsin DPI School Social Work Standards Practicum
•    SOC WORK 751: Social Work Practice in Schools
•    SOC WORK 767: Assessing Mental Health and Substance Use in Practice

In addition, students must complete the following DPI requirements:

•    The Exceptional Individual (EDU 495-9, offered through UWGB Education Outreach)
•    Understanding Act 31 (several options including a series of workshops offered by UWGB)

The school social work program is designed to be completed in one year, as follows:
Term Courses Comments
Summer SOC WORK 761
These are on-line courses.
Fall Exceptional Individual
Understanding Act 31
Spring SOC WORK 751
SOC WORK 762 includes the
required practicum.
Applicants who have previously completed courses similar to those above may request to have the courses reviewed to determine if the content meets UWGB and DPI standards.  Applicants may be asked to submit syllabi and other supporting documents to make this determination.  The School Social Work Coordinator/Advisor determines all academic plans in consultation with the applicant.  

Tuition and fees for UWGB courses (see graduate tuition fees)
Tuition/Fees for DPI required courses (Exceptional Child and Understanding Act 31)

Admission Requirements
The minimum requirements to be considered for the post-MSW School Social Work Program include:
•    MSW degree from an accredited social work program
•    One year of post-MSW professional experience working with children/youth, as evidenced by resume
•    Current Wisconsin credential (CSW, APSW, or LCSW)

To best meet the needs of Wisconsin school districts, preference may be given to applicants who meet one or more of the following criteria:
•    Five years of post-MSW experience, as evidenced by resume
•    Two years of post-MSW experience working with children/youth, as evidenced by resume
•    Letter of intent to hire or proof of hire from a school district**
**Due to the serious shortage of school social workers in Wisconsin, the application deadline may remain open for applicants who have proof of hire from underserved school districts.

Application Materials and Submission Information

Applications are now being accepted for the 2019-2020 academic year.  
Application Deadline: To be considered for admission to the UW-Green Bay Post-MSW School Social Work Program, all application materials must be received by January 1, 2019. 

The following steps are necessary to complete the application process.
  1. Complete the University of Wisconsin E-Application for special students.
  2. Arrange for official transcripts from all graduate-level work to be sent to the MSW Program in care of Jeanne Berg,, or 2420 Nicolet Drive-Rose Hall 310, Green Bay, WI  54311. (Students who received their MSW degree from UW-Green Bay do not need to submit a transcript from UW-Green Bay.)
  3. Complete the top section of the letter of recommendation form, as instructed on the form, and send it to two professional references.  Your references must return the completed form directly to the MSW Program in care of Jeanne Berg,  Letters of recommendation will not be accepted directly from applicants.
  4. Complete the narrative portion of the application and submit to the MSW Program in care of Jeanne Berg, 
  5. Submit the following items to the MSW Program in care of Jeanne Berg,
    a. Current resume
    b. Proof of Wisconsin credential
    c. Documentation of intent or proof of hire

Note: Application materials (excluding the UW E-application) are to be submitted to the MSW Program, as directed.  Because of the high demand for this program, the admissions committee will only review applications that are complete and submitted by the deadline. 

Admission Decision Process
Applications are reviewed by a committee and ranked according to the strength of the information in these areas: commitment to school social work, professional presentation of materials, and support from professional references.  Approximately 8-10 weeks after the application deadline date, applicants should receive official notification of their admission status.

Applicants will be asked to accept an offer of admission, in writing, before they are officially admitted to the School Social Work Program. Therefore, it is important to closely follow any directions that are provided in subsequent email correspondence.

Additional Information
The number of post-MSW students admitted each year is determined by available resources, school site practicums, and community needs.  Admission to the School Social Work program is competitive and the number of available spots is limited.  Applicants are encouraged to accurately follow application instructions and apply early to insure all required application materials arrive on time.

Students must complete all requirements for the school social work certificate within two years.  This time period begins with the first day of the first term of enrollment as a special student.

For further information, please contact:

Jeanne Berg
Student Status Examiner
Phone: (920) 465-2679

Margaret Kubek
School Social Work Advisor and MSW Field Coordinator
Phone: (920) 465-2395

Gail Trimberger
MSW Program Chair
Phone: (920) 465-2868