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Professional Programs in Social Work

Child Welfare Stipend Program Information

The Child Welfare Stipend Program provides educational funding to UW – Green Bay BSW and MSW students who demonstrate a commitment to working in the field of public child welfare in Wisconsin. BSW students who are awarded the stipend receive funding equivalent to full-time, in-state tuition for their senior year. MSW students may receive funding equivalent to full-time in-state graduate tuition for their Advanced year; stipends are available to MSW students in either the full-time and part-time programs.

Title IV-e Stipend Application

BSW Child Welfare Education Program Materials

To apply, review the BSW Program Guidelines and complete the application electronically. Submit an electronic or hard copy application to the Child Welfare Coordinator by the date indicated on the application.

UWGB BSW Child Welfare Education Program Stipend Application
UWGB BSW Child Welfare Education Program Guidelines

MSW Child Welfare Program Materials

UWGB MSW Child Welfare Education Program Stipend Application
UWGB MSW Child Welfare Education Program Guidelines

If you would like to review the application questions before submitting your online application, you may download the PDF version here: MSW Child Welfare Education Program Application (FOR REVIEW OF QUESTIONS ONLY)

Submit the MSW Application application if you will be entering the MSW program in fall semester 2016 (full-time, part-time, and / or advanced standing) and you are not currently employed in a Wisconsin public / tribal child welfare agency.
Due date: February 15th, 2017.

Application instructions

The application packets are PDF documents and contain the forms, instructions and program guidelines. The application form is designed to be completed online, printed and submitted as hard copy. You will not be able to save the form after you have filled it in online. You will need to print at that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is “public” child welfare?

Title IV-e of the federal Social Security Act provides funds to public child welfare agencies to:

  • protect children from maltreatment
  • maintain children in their family homes when possible
  • provide out-of-home placement when appropriate, and
  • achieve permanency for children who cannot safely return home

Public child welfare services typically include:

  • child protection
  • family preservation
  • foster care
  • adoption
  • independent living for older adolescents

In Wisconsin, public child welfare services are provided by county, tribal and state agencies. By providing Title IV-e educational support to BSW and MSW students, our Child Welfare Stipend Program seeks to improve the quality of public child welfare services and to help meet the employment needs of Wisconsin agencies that provide these services.

How can I find out what a public child welfare social worker does?

For students who are new to the field of child welfare, we ask you to view a video produced by the University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill School of Social Work about public child welfare practice in that state. While there may be some differences if you worked in a Wisconsin agency, the job responsibilities would be very similar. Students who are new to the field of child welfare will be asked to write their reactions to the content of this video as part of their application. A link to the video is provided in the application form.

As part of their application, MSW students who are current public child welfare agency employees will be asked to articulate how completing the MSW degree with IV-e support would benefit their public child welfare clients, agency and community.

What are my obligations if I am awarded the child welfare stipend?

The application process is competitive. If selected for Title IV-e educational support, stipend recipients must:

  • Adhere to all BSW / MSW program policies
  • Complete all field placement(s) in a Wisconsin county or tribal child welfare agency
  • Successfully complete the child welfare-specific curriculum requirements
  • Meet with the Child Welfare Coordinator as requested
  • Seek and accept qualified employment in a Wisconsin public or tribal child welfare agency for a period of time equal to the length of IV-e educational support (generally one or two years)
  • Understand that Title IV-e funds must be repaid if the public child welfare employment obligation is not fulfilled.

How do I apply for the Title IV-e child welfare stipend?

BSW students

BSW students will receive information about the program in the first semester of their junior year. Interested students are invited to meet with the Child Welfare Coordinator to obtain more information about the stipend program and the field of public child welfare. Application materials are available through the BSW stipend application link above.

MSW students

Incoming MSW students who indicate an interest in a career in public or tribal child welfare on their MSW application will be invited to apply. MSW students continuing from their Foundation to their Advanced year will also be notified about the program and application process. Application materials are available through the MSW stipend application links above.

How much funding does the Title IV-e child welfare stipend provide?

Stipend funds are contingent upon the University’s receipt of Title IV-e funding, which is dependent upon a grant that we submit on an annual basis. In past years, the BSW child welfare stipend has been equivalent to the cost of undergraduate in-state tuition for fall and spring semesters for the senior year.

The MSW child welfare stipend has been equivalent to the cost of full-time graduate in-state tuition for the Advanced year. MSW students who receive the stipend for the Foundation year must reapply for the Advanced year.

The child welfare stipend does not cover books, transportation or any other costs associated with attending the BSW / MSW programs.

Who should I contact for more information?

(920) 465-2346.