University of Wisconsin - Green Bay

Professional Programs in
Social Work

Gail Trimberger, MSSW

Associate Professor

Office: Rose Hall 320H
Phone: 920-465-2868

Gail Trimberger is an associate professor in the UW-Green Bay social work program. She holds a Master of Science in Social Work degree from the University of Wisconsin—Madison, a PhD in Leadership Studies from Marian University, and is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker.

Gail has over twenty years of direct practice experience in various medical social work settings; including public health, long term care, acute care crisis intervention, and hospice. Gail’s background includes direct practice, administration, and supervision in each of those settings. Gail’s areas of expertise include older adults, end-of-life, grief and loss, ethics and boundaries, and social work leadership. Her research interests focus on professional boundary development, leadership, end-of-life, and children’s bereavement.

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